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The ways in which you make money in life are totally different from the ways you make more money through CTR (Click Through Rate) or website traffic. You might debate here by providing an example like AdSense ads when integrated into your website, earn money for you. But in reality, it enhances the click through rate with the help of which the website earns money through a Pay Per Click ad network. So let us see the many ways that actually generate revenue for your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

As discussed above, once Google Adsense is incorporated into your website, you can sign up for the advertising network provided by Google & then copy paste the code snippets somewhere on your website and mobile app development software. The contextual ads are then served to your website which will generate revenue for you with every click. The profitability completely depends on the Cost Per Click (CPC) as well as Click Through Rate.

Cost Per Mile (CPM) Advertising

It functions like PPC, except for the fact that you don’t get paid on the basis of clicks but on the impressions generated by the site. A mile refers to about 1000 impressions. Usually for every mile or 1000 impressions, a website is paid from as low as $0.10 or as much as $10.

Banner Advertising

Selling the banner space proves to be as lucrative as other methods. This is because it cuts down the middleman so that you can decide on your own rates. The most popular banner sizes could be found in the form of 125*125 Button, 125*600 Skyscraper, 300*250 Rectangle, or 728*90 Leaderboard.

Text Ads

This method has quite recently become less popular after Google decided to penalize those sites who do not include a nofollow tag when selling text based ads through links. The best part about this method is that it is not too pushy. Text links could be even directly sold through your website in an automated way.

Affiliate Marketing

It is an advertising system wherein a merchant lets the affiliates sell their products or services in an indirect or direct manner, wherein a commission is paid to the affiliates for bringing in sales. Such advertising is also called Cost Per Lead (CPL) or Cost Per Action (CPA) advertising.


Monetize your widgets, which can be done in the form of affiliate links, text links, or any other PPC scheme. The advantage here is that it becomes very easy for the users to plug and play the service on a website with the help of web widgets.

Sponsored Reviews

Join the marketplace full of sponsored reviews wherein there is an opportunity for the users to write on a wide variety of topics related to products or services in exchange for good money. In this way sales can be boosted when people purchase products or services on the basis of reviews.

RSS Feeds

With RSS channel, content distribution helps in monetizing to a great extent. Having their own network of publishers, a CPM based advertising could be signed up.

Events Sponsorship

Specific events or columns of companies could be sponsored on your website. This provides an opportunity to target more readers expecting less of commitment from their end.

Premium Content

Many websites charge for using exclusive tools or content. This is only possible when your website or blog is highly popular with many daily visitors.

Private Forums

You can start a private forum of yourself where unlike free forums, you can charge the users to participate & gain knowledge from the discussion that takes place. For this, it is pretty obvious that you need to provide a high value to the users through your forum.

Job Boards

Job boards can be leveraged to generate an income from your popular blogs. Initially you need to focus on a niche with a good amount of traffic. Herein the benefit is once everything is in place, the listings of a job come naturally where you can charge whatever you want to in order to get access of that listing.


You can have your own marketplace developed for your website. Through this you can directly sell your offerings. But for this you need to get a web programmer in place as no standard software is available on the web.

Polls & Surveys

Integrate polls & surveys on your site by signing up for various different services. Most services will operate with you through a CPM model.

Renting or Selling Web Pages

Internal web pages of a website can be rented or sold for a recurring fee.

Sponsored Posts

Have sponsored posts on your website. Charge the advertising companies for getting highlighted on your website & for getting quality traffic.


You can place a donate link & earn good money for your site. This is especially useful when your blog or site offers great value in terms of productivity or personal development.

Pop-up Advertising

These ads are in the form of pop-ups hidden in the text differentiated in color. Whenever the mouse rolls over that text, the ad gets pop-up. By clicking on the pop-up, the site owner makes money.

Audio Ads

It is also called Pay Per Play (PPP) Advertising wherein the site is paid if a user hears an audio ad fully. Once an audio ad is started, it can’t be stopped in between thus letting users hear properly for 100% conversion.

Email Newsletter

Newsletters & email lists are probably two of the most effective strategies to be used as a powerful promotional strategy. They offer excellent conversion letting users to react upon flexible Call To Actions (CTAs). Although creating a huge list is a tough job a number of subscribers could be targeted from a highly popular site.

Summing Up

Using these effective ways, you can definitely make good money out of your website. If you got any more ways to discuss then please share with me in the comments section.

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