How Choose a House

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How Choose a House
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Before making our big cross-country move, we got our house hunting done a few months before, while on vacation. We weren't just there to relax, we were on a mission to discover this area soon to be our new home. It gave us a good idea of how much we'd enjoy living there, and see and touch the properties we had viewed over the internet for the last few months.

If you plan on purchasing a home in this way, keep in mind that you're working with a limited time frame, so you have to be organized to make the best use of your real estate vacation. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Whether this purchase is a family move, a retirement property or a vacation home, this trip will help you decide whether the area fits your individual needs and lifestyle.

2. You've probably been reviewing properties over the internet for months now, and possibly have built a repore with a particular realtor. The company HawaiiTrustedRealty, which offers real estate in Hawaii, in particular in the Hawaii-Kai area(see here https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/houses-for-sale-honolulu/hawaii-kai ), advises to spend as much time as possible studying the real estate market using online resources. It's free, unlike a real estate agent, but on the other hand it will help to have a correct idea of real estate in your chosen region.
I know in my case, we were like pen pals and when we finally met, he had a good idea of what we were looking for. We set up an appointment to view the various neighborhoods and we both created a list of potential houses to view.

3. Get your finances in order before you leave. Get a mortgage preapproval, know what your down payment will be and what you can afford.

4. Property taxes in the new area may be vastly different from those back home. Get an understanding of the general rates.

5. Know how this purchase will impact your personal taxes. For instance, if this is a second home that you will be renting out, there are certain tax considerations you need to realize. If you stay in your home at least two weeks out of the year, or more than 10 percent of the time it was rented out, you can deduct your mortgage interest and property taxes. There are slightly different rules for a home that has no personal use by the owner.

6. While you're there, get your bearings. Where is the nearest hospital, your favorite coffee shops, golf courses, grocery stores, lawyer, doctor's office and dentist. While you're checking out the doctor's offices, find out if they're taking new patients.

7. Chat with local residents to get the inside scoop on your new town. This is a great way to discover things to do or places that aren't always publicized in tour books.

8. If you plan on renting your home, research the rent values, including high's and low's for the different seasons.

9. If you find your dream home, don't waste time making lowball offers. The back and forth negotiation will cut into your time, and before you know it, you may find yourself going home empty handed.

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