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Individuals and groups can utilise conflict management to reach a consensus, and it can help you understand different points of view. Conflict is defined as a disagreement in which the persons involved perceive a threat to their wants, interests, or worries; conflicts occur for a variety of reasons, including miscommunications, personality clashes, essay writing dofar disagreements about the best way to handle a problem, and egos. There are six steps to resolving a problem.
First, diagnose the situation; second, the individual practising conflict resolution should have the necessary abilities to ask questions, with a concentration on open-ended questions; and third, they should gather all available information. Fourth, agreements must be reinforced based on mutual aims, fifth, agreements must be discussed based on sentiments and facts, and finally, agreements must be strengthened by agreeing to solutions and conceding on unsolved concerns. Students may get conflict management assignment help from Source Essay’s experienced essay tutors and complete their assignments on time.
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