How to add BNB to MetaMask?

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How to add BNB to MetaMask BNB Smart Chain to the MetaMask is a straightforward process not involving any complexity. The process can be executed just by using BscScan Explorer. You can manually add a network to the MetaMask by using the RPC details or by selecting its name from the list in MetaMask’s network List. The advantage of adding BNB to MetaMask is that the users can switch from their existing Ethereum network or any different blockchain network to the BSC, and also gives access to the DeFi apps. Read more we talk about MetaMask in terms of security, then I want you to clarify that it offers SRP (Secret recovery phrase) backup which is also known as seed phrase or MetaMask recovery phrase.After reading through the above paragraph, if you wonder how to set up the MetaMask recovery phrase, then it is so simple.

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