What is the use of the Ledger Live application?

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The use of the Ledger Live Wallet application is that it facilitates communication between the hardware Ledger device and the online crypto market. This application helps people to make decisions on their investments by reviewing the market conditions for them. Not only this, the application offers you a bunch of functionalities that are hard to miss for any other trader using the hardware wallet. The features such as swapping, tracking, trading, buying, selling, and much more. Other wallets do offer some of these functionalities, but none of those wallets will guarantee security. Whereas, if we talk about the Ledger, it can guarantee you full asset security. And all you have to keep the device in a safe place along with your login PIN and seed phrase. If you’re able to achieve it, then you can successfully keep on using any wallet you prefer. The wallet also provides you with its top-notch customer care team, to solve your issue whenever you land into one. Another thing to remember is that while using a Ledger

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Trezor.io/start: The gateway to setting up your Trezor hardware wallet. Visit this page to begin the straightforward process of initializing your device, creating a secure PIN, and generating your recovery seed.

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