Why is FAXING an item still preferred over e-mailing a scan in this day and age? – Fax Internet

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I’m seriously confused. With the existence of E-Fax.com, et al, you can send a fax via the Internet anyway. So why are some companies still so insistent that you fax them a document? Is there some security issue I’m not aware of here?

That’s the thing, it isn’t tamper proof. I could mock up something on Photoshop, go through an outfit like E-Fax, and send a company a fraudulent document without them ever knowing.

It just seems that with all the internet security software out there, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. At the very least, with the larger companies, I wonder why they don’t have some type of “quarantine room” within their systems to hold questionable e-mails with attachments until they can be proven to be safe to enter the rest of the system.

Maybe companies don’t have e-fax, they have the normal fax. Why spend money on something that doesn’t need to be upgraded. And they will have a hard copy of the document right away

Not to mention the fact that rather a lot of office workers wouldn’t know how to fax papers from iphone, even if local security allowed them to do so. To keep their internal network as secure as possible, many do not allow outside email.

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